Refill shots & bottles



  • Awesome Benefits

    • x3 Stunning reusable Splash bottles for life.
    • x3 100ml ultra-high concentrate makes 2.4L of combined product.
    • x3 Ultra-high concentrate in 100ml bottles uses up to 80% less plastic.
    • Empty concentrate bottles are widely recycled.
    • 3 new products to clean your car bodywork, wheels and apply up to 4 months protection.
    • Smart detailing.
    • High performing, low cost.
  • Info

    Zest Citrus pre-wash cleans and degreases in one application making your wash stage easier and safer. Quickly removes flies, traffic film and dirt.


    Ocean Blast Non-acidic wheel cleaner quickly breaks down dirt and blasts away stubborn brake dust.


    Ceramicoat Ultimate hybrid sealant with unbelievable water beading. Can be used wet or dry to add stunning gloss and protection for up to 4 months.

  • Directions

    1. Remove trigger from your Splash 300ml bottle for life.

    2. Carefully pour 1 shot of concentrate Refill shots into your Splash bottle for life. Easy to use pouring guide on Refill shots bottle.

    3. Fill your Splash bottle for life with water.

    4. Secure the trigger. Shake, spray & enjoy! 

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