Classiest Clay - Fine Clay Bar

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  • Info

    There's no ducking and diving for stubborn impurities after a round with Classiest Clay Bar. You'll have heavyweights such as tar, bugs and tree sap nasties knocked out in no time.

  • Directions

    1. After washing your car, leave paintwork wet or spray water/lubricant onto a surface approximately 40cm by 40cm.

    2. Cut a new clay bar into 2/3 pieces. Take one piece and shapre it in to a disc.

    3. Rub the clay bar in straight lines with little pressure against the wet surface. As you do this, you'll be able to hear and feel the surface becoming smoother.

    4. Once you have clayed an area at a time, it will start to slide smoothly across the surface. Wipe off the water and residue using our Candy Cloth Microfibre Towel and move on to the next section.

  • Awesome Benefits

    • 100g soft, fine clay bar.
    • Removes contaminates from paintwork safely.
    • Leaves a silky smooth finish on your paintwork.
    • Does not mark paintwork.



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