Epic Carnauba Wax

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  • Info

    Epic by name, Epic by nature. Our premium carnauba wax will give an unrivalled gloss finish with long-lasting protection. The hand poured formula includes T1 grade Brazilian carnauba wax and beeswax. Epic is perfect for light coloured cars (can be used on all colours and paint types), giving your paintwork a well deserved vibrant boost. A distinctive tropical scent with accents of mango & pineapple will have you inhaling with pleasure. A little goes a long way so enjoy applying again and again.

    Our 100ml jar will give you enough wax for 15+ layers on a medium sized car. Testing has shown up to 4 months protection.

  • Directions

    Apply a light coat of wax to clean paintwork using a foam applicator.

    Allow to cure (time varies between 5-10mins).

    Use a Candy Cloth microfibre towel to buff off to a final finish.

  • Awesome Benefits

    • Gives an unrivalled gloss finish.
    • Up to 4 months protection.
    • Hand made with T1 grade Brazilian carnuba wax and beeswax.
    • Perfect for light coloured cars, giving your paintwork a vibrant boost.
    • Enough wax for 15+ layers on a medium sized car.
    • Tropical scent.



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