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    The perfect gift set for you (or a friend) to sample our products.

    Give your car what it deserves, with all of our products in 100ml, a Candy Cloth microfibre, our NEW soft foam wax applicator disc and a Splash air freshener.


    Alaska Bubblegum Snow Foam
    Thick foam soaks & saturates soiled paintwork. Advanced formula is tough on dirt, yet gentle on paintwork with a constant release of bubblegum smelling bubbles.


    Very Berry Gloss Shampoo
    Highly concentrated pH Neutral car shampoo that will gently wash your car without removing any existing wax protection. Contains a high grade lubricated formula which incorporates added carnauba wax. Safe for vinyl wrapped cars.


    Golden Delicious Liquid Wax
    Premium quality creme containing specially graded organic carnauba waxes that will create a flawless finish on polished paintwork. Outstanding clarity and shine with long lasting protection.


    Ultralust Hybrid Detailing Spray
    Hybrid SiO2 quick detailer with gloss enhancers. Nano-Plating polymers create a protective barrier for several months (up to 9 months). Added wetting agents and polymers boost to a glossy surface.


    CocoNuts Interior Dressing
    Your car interior will go nuts for this specially formulated silky coconut liquid. Enhance the appearance of dashboards, plastics, fascias and wooden trims.


    Ocean Blast Alloy Wheel Cleaner
    This alkaline based wheel cleaner will quickly break down dirt and blast away brake dust on factory finished lacquered wheels.


    Candy Cloth
    Our super soft and delicate microfibre cloth (300gsm) will make buffing and finishing sweet like candy. The ultra fine fibres will give your detailing a professional edge. Absorbent and easy to clean, the Candy Cloth can be washed over and over. We beg you, never return a Candy Cloth that's dirty or accidentally dropped to your precious paintwork.



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