Dinky Golden Delicious Liquid Wax

SKU: GD100
  • Info

    Premium quality creme containing specially graded organic carnauba waxes that will create a flawless finish on polished paintwork. Outstanding clarity and shine with long lasting protection.

  • Directions

    Wash and dry your car before applying. Apply 3 or 4 pea sized spots to an applicator pad and apply one panel at a time. Thin coats work best. Once hazed, buff off with a microfibre towel leaving a stunning, deep wet look finish on your paintwork. Do not apply in direct sunlight. Apply detailing spray if it’s allowed to dry to help with removal.

  • Awesome Benefits

    • Sample sized.
    • Creates a flawless finish on polished paintwork.
    • Dripping wet-look finish.
    • Outstanding clairty and shine.
    • Long lasting protection.
    • Easy on, easy off.



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